About Us

"Creating beauty that inspires us to stay here on earth”
-Sheila M. Palmer

Sheila Melissa Palmer: I am always passionate about creating fiber arts. Making art with textiles as my chosen medium aligns me with those whom process and materials plays an important role in motivating my concepts and designs .The closeness I seek in my pieces depends on engaging or seducing the viewer with how they see the transformation on surfaces of the materials.

The unbelievable usage of colors and techniques has been my specialty for over 30 years. It's more like creative magic. My works are reflective in my educational, travel and research exposure; and so much of my work is inspired by the indigenous cultures from around the world, with techniques that have been perfected by hand whether working in felting, painting, theater set design, costume /period clothing, interior design and museums practices. The artifact feeling comes to mind when viewing my works.

Starting in 1995 my works brought me national attention when I exhibited at the International Contemporary Fine & Furnishing Design Show in New York, the American Craft Show in Philadelphia, and the One-of-a-Kind Show in Chicago; Licensing is now part of my new path for the future trade shows as well. What this site offers is opportunities to connect with everyone around the world for inspiration and new collections!

The Quetarshe collection was inspired by my two daughters in suggesting new and creative paths ways that we could all three utilize together. Their specialty includes Graphic & Web Design Arts and Jewelry Design. They are fully engaged as professional artist themselves even to this day. Their works can always be seen in parts of my collections and Quetarshe will always be a collections of extraordinary design and creativity that runs throughout the family. For the past 7 years I have also include some or my techniques and designs through teaching community art programs, private tutoring, and workshops.

Visit the gallery and the new studio shop for purchases that are ongoing and changing every month! They are always one-of-a kind and original works and can never be duplicated. Come take a workshop or visit an event where special attention is given to the decorative arts!


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Theater Set Design

Working with theater Set Design, for stage production at Wayne State University.

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Community Arts

I currently work as a part-time art teacher for the Community Arts

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One Day Workshops

"Beginning Felting" for 2 days sessions. $500 includes materials and lunch.