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Contracting for Home, Businesses, and Organizations

Trends in surface and textile designs are extremely important, especially the apparel and interior industries.Forecasting a particular season's color line or color look (a color palette that may apply to a company's whole line or to a particular design being worked on) is a vital part of trend setting in surface and textile design. A color line or color look can be set by forecast groups, design studios, individual artist or myriad trade fairs that everyone relates to.The process is like a self-fulfilling prophecy, since no one is going to pay high fees and then ignore the advice. Here at Quetarshe, keeping with trends, trade magazines and conferences so that this studio becomes a mecca for those looking for new creative pathways.

Contract forms and procedures:

Before a contract can be agreed upon select one of the forms for estimates and proposals (Purchase order form is for the purchase studio starting in March 2010) Fax or send to the Quetarshe P.O. Box or fax. Each contract is based upon individual work request and a final contract will be drawn up before work is started. All contract must be signed before the different processes are are agree upon one must be clear that each technique is unique to your project.

Every single project is done by hand, which make it an incredible artistic task! Having an understanding of this one must be clear when ordering. 75% is required before we go into productions. It takes 30-90 days on most commissions. You will be notified to your specific date in which balances are due before work is shipped COD, or paid in full before shipped date. (International orders will be notified as to how their product will be shipped) and all shipping fees are added to the final invoice. (You have 3 business days to cancel your order, must be done by phone 313-721-4642 or fax 313-664-1536)

Proposal Form

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