Home Interiors

Make everyday beautiful, furnishing your home into a personal refuge that’s comfortable and appealing; transforming every room with floor coverings, hand painted wall tapestries and customize designed fabrics and wall paper coverings.

Hand Painted Tapestries

A combined inspiration; abiding respect for the past, a love for handmade crafts, gives these original hand painted tapestries a look that is rich with emotions for cultures and colors. The beautiful blend of dyes and inks allows each piece to be crafted for functional and decorative use. You the client can become actively involved in designing your one-of-a kind piece; choosing among a selection of historical periods and cultures.

Felted Rugs

Traditional indigenous wool felts crafted by the mysterious Central Asiatic Nomads, where used for tents, carpets, clothing; and for human survival against the elements. Felts have now become a modernist craft more than ever today. Each of our rugs is hand felted with rich wools from specialty sheep. Colors and dyes of the finest materials are used when we are creating rugs of innovative quality, extraordinary craftsmanship and beauty for years to enjoy. This is what we pride ourselves with.

Printed Fabrics by the yard

Indulge your passion for original printed designs by making it your own. Individualists who desire their own aesthetics can choose prints and patterns that stretch their own imagination for beautiful fabrics. With colors, motifs, historically and modern combined, your selections can make any room décor magically yours.

Wall Paper Prints

Innovative print designs now find their way to wall coverings that can enhance any environment. A selection of textural wall coverings and decorative borders are available throughout the year. for your Select from the available prints and create your unique room.