Hand Painted Fabrics

Hand painted fabric is comprised by many techniques and includes dyeing which offer a wide range of creative possibilities. Original designs can be created, which is one of my specialties, with special effects that can achieve special one-of-a-kind prints for the fashion, private patrons, commercial, interior designers and theaters need.

Fabric’s results are determined by what process I use. Different dyes are created to accommodate those fabrics. With concern in ecology I have now employed natural dyes and inks in my productions. I am always looking to explore other materials for colorfastness, and long lasting results; for your beautiful piece of fabrics in silks, cottons, wools, linen and some rayon’s. I try to stay away from using synthetics accept a small amount in some my accessories collections. Always look each month in our purchase studio for new fiber art works that experiment with new products!

Fashion Fabric

The hand painted fabrics used for fashion can be order by 10 yards or more, and can includes techniques such as silk painting, painting on cottons, and linens. Three colors are standard for initial designs but you can order more based on the type of fabric that is being employed for your yardages. Screen printing is also considered when doing more than 20 yards, but you will always have the option to contract hand painted designs, motifs and graphic images in larger yardage. Always check our purchase studio for fabric in yardage available year round.

Interior Fabric

My small production of interior hand painted fabrics use only dyed inks specialized for upholstery materials and are not always available to private patrons unless they are working with an interior designer. This is then only available for the trade and commissioned orders. But my smaller productions has been canvas, cottons, outside furniture and chintz, sateen’s and easy to clean fabrics. Please contact the studio for this Trade Only Service. This applies for commercial spaces also. Small pillows and small collections are available throughout the year in our purchase studio.

Theatre Fabrics (Costuming/Set Designs)

Theatrical fabric painting involves a wide range of techniques that are too costly to be reproduced in duplication or simulate; therefore these are on production commission based only and requires a particular production show (think the Lion King). My work in theatre costuming and set design requires contracts and freelance based only. Please contact my studio for additional information.