Licensed Pattern and Printed Designs

Wonderful and beautifully intricate pattern and printed designs are now places on everything from domestic sheeting, drapery to surface designs used for, table servings, and fashions that still creates the Fashion on runways around the world. The printed pattern is vital to commercial markets and brand licensing. I produced and design exclusively for these markets now. Small design studio’s such as mine are leading the next waves of beautifully repeat patterns, motifs and design that defies even the smallest items on today’s markets. Branding is so creatively done. This is one of my specialties and we can design for any surface that you desire now.

Black and White Pattern Designs

I design basic pattern and surface design that can be applied to surfaces through printing. My pattern designs can be applied to all types of fabrics and surfaces. They are all done on acid free Bristol board paper/vellum and black ink for production purposes. Please check the contract page for further information on purchasing an exclusive pattern or licensing a copyrighted (always held by me) pattern print for one year only through the studio. All trade pricing and regulations apply. This is usually only to the trade but private patrons may inquire upon request.

Color Waves and Gouache Painted Designs

Because each pattern design is a unique creation, the design is transferred onto what ever process the buyer desires, color waves are usually hand painted by me in traditional gouaches. I usually pick this process because the colors are flat and retain true color matching for the print industries to follow. These are for sell and are non refundable works that are used for productions. I retain all copyrights. This is usually only to the trade but private patrons may inquire upon request.

Licensing & Royalties

A license is an agreement through which a design artist owns the reproduction rights to their design and permits another party usually the client, the right to use the design or art for a specified time, and throughout a specific geographic area in return for a fee or royalty. For example, imagery may be licensed to another party for wall covering and to others for paper goods or domestic cloth. At the expiration of the license, the right to use the design reverts back to me the artist unless a new contract is negotiated. Please request a full contract review by downloading a temporary contract for your viewing in the contract info link. Exclusively to the trade but will be considered by personal patron working with a design group.